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Bharat Sahu
Polyfill for bind() method

Polyfill is nothing but support to older browsers which doesn’t have new methods. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to write the Polyfill for the `bind()` method in step by step.

first of all, you need to see the `bind()` method, and how it works. look at the snippet below:

let name = {    firstName: "John",    lastName: "Doe"}
function printFullName () { console.log(this.firstName + ' ' + this.lastName)}
let printName = printFullName.bind(name)

If you need to create your own `bind()` method, you’ve to breakdown the above-mentioned snippet.

First, you need to make it available for all the method…

We’re going to use Firebase Phone Authentication using firebase-js-sdk without Captcha with ReactJS application in a simple way. This article is for people who has basic knowledge of Cordova and Firebase phone authentication.

If you implement Firebase phone authentication using Cordova plugin, you also requires a plugin which provides all the Firebase services otherwise, your Cordova application cannot perform CRUD operations with firebase-js-sdk where authentication required.

Or, if you want to implement Firebase phone authentication with firebase-js-sdk, you have to configure things related to Captcha/reCaptcha. You can see here in the official document.

Here I’ve found solution by combining both…

Before going for incremental Firestore order or incremental document ID please go through Firestore documentation you’ll get some use cases there with an important note:

Important: Unlike “push IDs” in the Firebase Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore auto-generated IDs do not provide any automatic ordering. If you want to be able to order your documents by creation date, you should store a timestamp as a field in the documents.

I don’t recommend custom document ID over Firestore auto-generated ids cause the scalability comes from how Firestore spreads the document out over its storage layer. In a simplified way: sequential IDs have…

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